As space planner’s Auster & Stern Interiors working together as a team have been providing to our clients services that are both artful and functional.

Since 2001 from architectural plans, to finishing details we are immensely proud to serve South FLorida Finest properties and be partner of the ASID Industry.

Our Clients are our fist priority and our best advertisers and this collection of pictures came to honor those that gave us the opportunity to fulfill their dreams.

Tania is a Brazilian born talent architect with a passion for design and solid background. She has been a member of the American Institute of Architects – AIA and the American Society of Interior Designers – ASID for many years.

Marcos with a BA in Electrical Engineering is a certified computer designer. He is always looking to perfection, he cares about customer service, attention to details and efficiency.

Anny is a visionary for excellence. Her industry knowledge and expertise engender the bond and trust which are the backbone of out customer satisfaction.

Fernando is an Engineer with a strong background in construction as well as Design. He is passionate about aesthetic and is very committed to the client preferences.